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Be Your Own Princess with Shoodads!

If you told childhood me that one day shoes would be in style that were “Cinderella” chic (for lack of a better term), I might have fainted. These trendy dress shoes can each rock the new shoodad trend in their own, amazing way. They’re completely perfect paired with a pretty dark jean or a gorgeous evening dress. Wear them on a date or dancing with your girls. No midnight curfew enforced this time, Cinderella.

The first heel on my mind is a seriously fierce high heel, the Miz Mooz Madrid Pump in pink. This shoe is perfect for a sexy dress or distressed denim.

Rock these sky high heels for a sassy dash of feminine touch.

They’re a neutral pale, which means they match pretty much anything, but be careful about wearing them with a too-sweet eyelet dress or a pretty pastel.  Add a Triangle Beaded Shoodad for a touch of ultra feminine chic that is perfect for any modern princess.

These shoes are great for a night of dancing, bar-hopping, or just a dress-to-impress date with your man. They’re sure to get you all the attention you desire, and nothing makes you feel more like a princess than positive feedback. Except maybe a tiara.

This pair of trendy heels for women is the Miz Mooz Madrid in aqua.

Just keep swimming with these delightful finds.

This pair is perfect for a pretty summer event like a friend’s wedding or a dinner date. They’re definitely a little easier to walk in, and might be more appropriate for an older woman than the previous pair, but that doesn’t mean that younger gals can’t rock this look too. Adding the Star Beaded Shoodad keeps your footwear fashionable (and nothing says “princess” like sparkle).

They’d work well with pretty much any color, but make sure to keep your look a little more classic and simple. You don’t want to look so busy that no one even notices the gorgeous heel attached to these beauties.

Each of these shoes paired with the bright and brilliant shoodads brings their own beautiful detail to the table. Generally, when you talk about womens evening shoes, you’re left with a limited selection of sparkly, less-than-trendy pairs. These shoes bring a ton of visual interest and they’re trendy, so they’ll pair with everything from a pop of neon to a pretty lace dress.  The shoodad trend is going to be so big for summer, that I’d recommend scooping these up while you still have the chance and rocking them like a princess.

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