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5 Wonderful Events To Show Off Your Shoes

As we all know, the process of buying a new pair of shoes isn’t just about the shoes themselves, but a matter of creating the mental image of the outfits and scenarios in which they will be worn. After all, a pair of stylish pumps are nice but what good are they without a fabulous opportunity to really show them off?  We’ve got you covered with 5 events to spotlight your trendy summer footwear this season with some amazing selections from the Miz Mooz Spring/Summer 2013 collection to help paint the picture .


Summer is always a popular time for couples’ nuptials to take place. Of course, the spotlight is always on the bride-to-be and wedding party’s outfits but, as a guest, what should you wear to a wedding? First off, it’s important to note the relevant details i.e. time, location, requested formality. In general though (except for an ultra-formal affair), you’ll want to stick with a short or cocktail dress. Your best go-to option for shoes will be a flirty and elegant pair of pump shoes like the Miz Mooz Madrid. As far as colors, we recommend going with brighter hues for daytime weddings and black for evenings.

Garden Party

Especially during summer, Garden parties have evolved into a very chic social gathering where looking your best is of key importance. What was once a royal tradition is now a great way to get together with friends in an open air environment and enjoy the warmer weather. So, the real question is: what do you wear? We’d recommend a maxi skirt or printed shorts paired with a stylish pair of wedge shoes. Take the Miz Mooz Kenya for example. It’s a look that maintains elegance but is properly suited for the season and truly shines in an outdoor environment.


This summer wedge sandal is ideal for the season!

Outdoor Concert

When the sun is shining and the grass is green, there’s something undeniably irresistible about enjoying live music outdoors.  It’s no surprise then that once the summer solstice hits there’s always a plethora of options to catch a live show in a park, rooftop or various public squares. For an event like this, boho-chic should be your focus. Long floating skirts, crop tops and large “hobo bags”  are all staples of this look with women’s fashion boots and sandals as the shoes of choice. We recommend trying out a pair of denim cutoff shorts with something like the Miz Mooz Martin. The hedonistic vibe will recall the style of Sienna Miller and Kate Bosworth.


Ankle boots are great for outdoor concerts!

Art Opening

Whether it’s at a museum, hip gallery or studio space, an opening is an excellent opportunity to show off your artsy style. For more highbrow events, you’ll want to keep things very chic and classy with a simple yet stunning black dress and jewelry that makes a statement. In this setting, a fashionable high heel shoe like the Miz Mooz Mambo is ideal. If your heading to an avant garde function, dare to branch out and wear an outfit that expresses your creativity. With its playful textured upper and eye-catching gold details, the Miz Mooz Playdate is the perfect companion for such an event.


The Playdate open toe shoe has unique features that will stand out


For most of us, a night at the theater is an exciting occasion that only comes around from time to time. So when you do make it to Broadway, you’ll want to be sure to have the perfect outfit prepared. The key is to go with a casual but classy look like a relaxed cocktail dress or an a-line skirt with a simple, dark colored top. The Miz Mooz Cherry has the dashing combination of style and class that will suit those outfits and make a subtle statement of their own. Platform shoes have the chic factor of a pump but with more comfort which is important for a long night at the theater.


The Cherry platform sandal is a stylish choice for a night at the theater


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