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Throw A Retro Themed Party

Hosting a nice, quiet dinner party with friends can be great but sometimes you have to take things back to college and introduce a theme party into the mix. One that’s always easy and fun is a retro theme. It’s the perfect excuse for everybody to break out their favorite old dorm room decor from and unearth those clothes buried deep in the closet. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with what your friends come up with and the nostalgia alone makes for great laughs and party conversation.

So how does one throw a retro themed party? We’re here to help with a few suggestions to incorporate yesterday into today’s soiree!


Make your next party a retro themed one!


How you decorate for the party is key to setting the right tone for the evening. One easy and affordable option is to head over to a local thrift store and scavenge their used vinyl record section. These are generally available for cents on the dollar  so grab a handful! You can then punch a hole in each LP and tie a thin line of string through it to hang it from the roof. Similarly, if you or your parents have a collection of old records, album covers make a great visual piece to have on display throughout your home.

Other retro decorations can include: lava lamps, bean bag chairs, incense burners and old magazine covers. A disco ball might be tough to pull off but if you can make it happen, do it!  We also highly recommend having a projection of old photos of you and your friends. The wave of memories it inspires is sure to guarantee a good time.

Party Activities

You know all those old board games you’ve held on to all these years? A retro themed party is the opportunity you have been waiting for to bust them out! Twister, Jenga, Yahtzee all make for top notch party choices while a simple game of Telephone is a fun and easy way to get everybody involved.

Don’t forget about the music! As with any social gathering, music is the glue that holds the night together. Obviously, a retro theme lends itself handsomely to curating the night’s playlist. Having a turntable to spin vinyl on is ideal but a playlist of all your old school favorite will suffice in a pinch too.

What To Wear

If you haven’t held on to your old clothes long enough to see them become stylish again,  luckily, there’s also plenty of new fashionable options out there right now that offer a fresh take on vintage style. In terms of footwear, we suggest perusing the Miz Mooz clearance section over at Not only can you put the money you save toward other aspects of the party but you can also find a variety of women’s high top sneakers and vintage oxford shoes for men.


The Miz Mooz Angie is a great style for a retro themed party!

These styles not only recall trends of decade’s past but are just as fashionable today and will be go-to wardrobe choices all season long. Ladies can rock the high tops with a pair of neon leggings and brightly colored crop top for uber retro style. As an alternative, there’s also a variety of stylish boots for women that can fit the evening’s bill. For the guys, the oxford shoes with a pair of chinos and polo capture the quintessential preppy 80′s style. If all else fails, head back on over to the thrift store and indulge a few bucks on the perfect retro outfit.

Hopefully these tips can get you headed in the right direction of throwing the retro themed party your friends will be talking about for years to come. One of the best things about it is that everyone’s past styles and influence differ so feel free to adjust the party to the retro styles and looks you remember most fondly.

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