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Dress to Impress for Your Next Interview

Business casual to business formal, we have the styles you need.

Business casual to business formal, we have the styles you need.

One of the hardest occasions to dress for is a job interview. After all, you’re first impression can be the make or break in your new career! So how do you prevent being under (or in some cases, over) dressed for your time to shine?

We came up with a few tips and tricks to ease the pressure of looking your absolute best without looking like you are going out for a night on the town!


Determine the Dress Code

First and foremost, you will never know exactly what to wear to an interview unless you find out the dress code. If it is not directly given to you by the prospective employer, then I would recommend trying to get a cup of coffee or lunch around the company. If that doesn’t work, you can even try looking up the company’s website. This way you can maybe get a feel of the company based on how formal their website is. You don’t want to dress up like you’re on Wall Street if everyone in the building is wearing T-shirts and jeans.


Selecting an Outfit

So once you’ve figured out the vibe of the company you’re aiming for, it’s time to pick out the perfect outfit. A teacher once taught me a very valuable lesson. She would say, “K.I.S.S.”, which meant keep it simple, stupid. Although she was talking about writing, it applies to dressing for an interview as well. Knowing where to add the right touches of personality show how detail oriented you can be.


Putting Your Look Together : The Ladies

Ladies, refrain from going overboard with makeup or jewelry. Neutral colors and simple accessories will look pulled together but not overwhelming. Remember the dress code of school: finger tip length skirts or shorts, nothing skin tight or raunchy when it comes to tops. A blazer always dresses any top up, and it can be taken off if for any reason it’s too dressy. In regards to shoes, prepare for some walking around since there is the possibility of a workplace tour. Flats can be just as dressy as a pair of heels, but more comfortable and a whole lot easier to walk in. Pointy flats, like the Miz Mooz Wallis can give off a look of heels, and your personality can shine through with a nice color or style.


The Line Between Casual & Under-dressed

Men, don’t rock any crazy hairstyles like spikes or Mohawks (unless your Job calling, well, calls for it). Regular khakis or dress pants and a dress shirt should suffice, with a tie and a jacket If that’s what fits the dress code. Use your own discretion: if the job is casual, you will still want to look nice for your first impression. If it’s a suit and tie type of position, then don’t make the mistake of under dressing. Make sure to have a groomed beard if you have one, if not get rid of the scruff. Nothing shows laziness more than an unkempt beard. Naturally if you’re wearing a black or gray suit, wear black shoes. If you’re wearing brown, then brown  oxford shoes. If you’re going for a more casual workplace interview, keep the nice  shoes, but remove the tie so that you look comfortable yet serious.

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